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Our services include:
· Manual Therapy
· Craniosacral Therapy
· Myofascial Release

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Our Services

Treatments generally last about one hour. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

The therapists at Wellspring are trained in the most advanced and up-to-date manual therapy approaches that help to mobilize muscles, ligaments, joints and viscera that have been scarred down due to trauma or infection. by mobilizing adhesions or restrictions within the connective tissue (fascial) system, the human body is able to clear itself of metabolic waste and toxins. The body is then able to utilize nutrients, oxygen and fluids more efficiently to heal itself.

Manual Therapy techniques include:

· Cranial Therapy
· Muscle energy
· Strain counter-strain
· Myofascial release
· Dialoguing/imagery
· Exercise/Functional Training
· Visceral mobilization